logo_CELRLThe “Conservatoire du Littoral”, a public institution of the state, conducts a policy of acquiring land of threatened or degraded coastal natural areas, for conservation purposes and with the aim of making them accessible to the public. It then entrusts the management of these areas to local authorities or associations.

The “Conservatoire du Littoral” is heavily involved in the protection of the Marais Poitevin, whether on its coastal part or important wetland areas, and works closely with local decision makers (nature reserve managers, state services, Regional Natural Parks, agricultural profession, marsh unions, communities, etc.).

In this context, and following the storm of 1999, the “Conservatoire du Littoral” acquired the Prée Mizottière farm. A project combining agriculture and biodiversity has been defined and allowed the installation of a young farmer. Managed by the farmer, with the support of the nature reserve team, this site is now one of the most important sites of the Poitevin marsh for waterbirds, and offers a complementary natural habitat to those present in the Aiguillon Bay National Nature Reserve.

Jean-Paul Rault, the Prée Mizottière farmer, uses the land for mixed-farming and stock rearing, following its acquisition by the “Conservatoire du Littoral”. The support of the farmer is necessary when implementing actions on the Prée Mizottière site.

ifremer_logo“IFREMER”,  the National Institute for Ocean Science, a public industrial and commercial institution. The institute is involved in various research studies and responsible for several networks for monitoring and observing coastal waters, is important in the collection of data concerning the coast. The technical and scientific support of IFREMER will allow a better understanding of the hydraulic (quantitative and qualitative) functioning of the coastal zone.

Logonouveau_fdc85The Vendée departmental Hunting Federation, a "Law 1901" association approved for the protection of the environment, has among its missions other that of enhancing the hunting heritage, the protection and management of wildlife and its habitats in the department, promoting and defending hunting and the interests of its members, that of developing awareness, education and technical support for the managers of the area’s natural habitats. It is in this capacity that the hunting federation wishes to participate in the follow-up actions involving wildfowl within the scope of the LIFE Baie de l'Aiguillon project. The development of the hunting heritage and the protection/management of wildlife are also of interest to the Vendée Hunting Federation.

It associates local wildfowl hunters with this work, notably the associations "Chasse Maritime Vendéenne" and "La Sauvagine Vendéenne".

forum_marais_atlantiquesThe Forum des Marais Atlantiques, a joint syndicate, is a structure that serves those involved in sustainable wetland management. Through its missions (spreading knowledge, methodological and technical support to project leaders, coordination of the network of wetland users), it is an essential partner of the LIFE Baie de l'Aiguillon project.

parc-marinThe Gironde and Pertuis Sea Marine Nature Park, a marine natural park created 4th April 2015, contributes to sustainable resource management, while balancing the interests of commercial activities (professional fishing, aquaculture, shellfish farming, port and industrial activities, recreational activities), the quality of coastal waters and of that of the different habitats.

The Aiguillon Bay lies within the perimeter of this Marine Natural Park. The actions of the LIFE Baie de l'Aiguillon project will permit the enlightening of the Park's management board on the influence of the catchment area on the ecological functioning of the bay and will thus contribute to the management guidelines of the Park set out in its management plan, including the preservation of water quality and the strengthening of "land-sea" links.

conchiliculture-logoThe Pays de la Loire and Poitou-Charentes regional shellfish farming committees, inter-professional organisations, represent the general interests of professional shellfish producers with local decision makers, other public and local authorities, or other related professions.

Shellfish farming, especially mussel farming, is a traditional activity in the Aiguillon Bay. The involvement of marine professionals in the project is essential. This is all the more important because the Aiguillon Bay has been affected by a large-scale mortality phenomenon since 2014. The actions of the project allowing a better understanding of the functioning of the bay therefore concern them directly.

MP13 bisThe Poitevin Marsh Public Establishment, is a state-run institution in charge of water management and biodiversity of the Poitevin Marsh wetlands and its catchment area. Since 2012, this institution has been the manager of the Natura 2000 site. In this capacity, it is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the actions in the Objectives Document. The COPiL (steering committee) is chaired by the establishment’s director. The Poitevin Marsh Regional Natural Park currently assumes its coordination.

logo OR2CThe Regional Observatory of Coastal Risks (OR2C), in the Pays de Loire region, has the mission of pooling data, supplementing scientific information on coastal risks, and enhancing this knowledge. It is a project funded by the Pays de Loire region and implemented by the OSUNA (Observatory of Universal Sciences of Nantes Atlantic), Nantes University.

And the municipalities of l'Aiguillon-sur-mer, Charron and Sainte-Radégonde-des-Noyers.